Andy Vidak Crosses Party Lines to Compromise on Water

Water is one of the most pressing issues in California, especially in the Central Valley. As a co-author of the $7.5 million water bond, Andy Vidak was able to work across party lines to reach "a rare bipartisan agreement” on one of the most controversial issues in California. 

In a recent press release, he writes: 

"This water bond will bring desperately-needed water to our Valley and put people back to work.

Valley legislators in both houses fought hard to help the Valley and I want to thank all of them for working across the aisle on this issue.

I also appreciate the governor listening to the bipartisan voice of the Valley.

This historic bipartisan compromise shows what can happen when we all come together to solve a serious problem.”

The Water Bond will be on the November 2014 ballot for all California voters. You can read more about it on Ballotpedia

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