Bonnie Garcia, Jeff Stone Must Move Beyond Party Base in SD28

Under California's new nonpartisan primary system, all voters participate on a single ballot and the top two candidates, regardless of party affiliation, advance to the general election in November.

In Senate District 28, a district in which 43.1% of voters are registered with the Republican Party, this resulted in two Republican candidates advancing to the general election: Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia and County Supervisor Jeff Stone

The challenge for both candidates, thus, will be reaching beyond their base of Republican voters and appealing to the shifting demographics of their district.

"The Riverside area has seen a mass influx of Los Angeles residents seeking a small-town culture. These new residents did not bring LA’s strong party-preferences with them, but instead embraced Riverside’s nonpartisan culture.

Thus, the changing demographics of northern Riverside County are drawing out the types of constituents each candidate must appeal to.” {Full analysis on IVN.us}

Democrats, unaffiliated, and third-party voters make up the majority of voters in the district, with 56.9% of voters in California’s Senate District 28 not registered with the Republican Party.

Winning these votes is crucial to winning the election, forcing both candidates to actually discuss the issues facing Riverside County.