Anthony Cannella | SD 12

Senator Anthony Cannella first took office in California's 12th Senate District in 2010. Since then he has maintained an unwavering commitment to put Californians first, not partisan politics.

In his first term he has shown himself to be an independent-minded legislator; one who isn't afraid to work with Democrats and Republicans in Sacramento to create new jobs, cut government waste and secure the water resources that are necessary for a prosperous future.

Cannella's established record as a problem-solver has been rewarded with leadership positions in the Senate. He is Vice Chairman of both the Senate Committees on Agriculture and Natural Resources and Water.

He has gone on the record in support of the rights of all Californians to participate fully in our elections. As a consequence, his strong legislative voice is a benefit to every voter, regardless of his or her party affiliation.

The Independent Voter PAC stands with Anthony Cannella to return as the representative for California's 12th Senate District.

I vote for people over parties