David Chiu | AD 17

As a supporter of every citizen's right to vote, David will stand up for nonpartisan voter rights in the legislature. His proven record as an effective leader in one of California's most diverse cities, San Francisco, means he will be a strong voice for your right to vote.

In 2013, he was re-elected to serve on San Francisco's Board of Supervisors for a third consecutive term. He is also the first Asian-American to represent District 3, which includes part of north-east San Francisco.

As an independent-minded leader, David has earned a reputation within the community as a problem solver. Since he was first elected to the Board in 2009, it successfully adopted policies that promote San Francisco's local economy without sacrificing the rights of workers, so they can afford to live where they work. 

In addition to creating jobs and growing San Francisco's economy, Chiu's tenure on the Board has brought with it a culture change in City Hall. In 2012, he led the successful effort to pass Proposition E, which reformed business payroll taxes in the city. He also authored the Language Access Ordinance requiring city agencies to provide language accessible services to San Franciscans who speak a language other than English.

David Chiu has the skills, experience, and knowledge to succeed. He is the Independent Voter PAC's choice for Assembly District 17.

I vote for people over parties