Kansen Chu | AD 25

Kansen is a proponent for your right to vote, regardless of your party affiliation. After serving the voters of San Jose as a city councilman for almost 8 years, he has established a record of independent-minded policies and decision-making.

In 2009 he helped create the North San Jose Neighborhood plan, which created the Berryessa Business Association. As a result, local business found new support and opportunities and grow locally. He brought forward legislation that improved green building standards and plans to translate those successes into positive change for the 25th Assembly District.

As the first Chinese-American to serve on San Jose's City Council, Chu understands the needs of a culturally diverse district and after almost a decade with the city council, he has proven his ability to put constituents first and not play party politics.

The Independent Voter PAC strongly endorses Kansen Chu for California's Assembly District 25.


I vote for people over parties