Steve Cohn | AD 7

Steve Cohn will be a voice for all voters as the next representative of Assembly District 7.

Steve Cohn was elected to represent District 3 in the City of Sacramento in 1994 and has served with distinction ever since. In the twenty years on the council, Cohn has prioritized means of public safety, economic development, expanding the City’s cultural and natural attractions, investing in a greener economy, and making government more efficient and accountable.

His initiatives include a long-term effort to reduce landfills, upgrading Sacramento’s levees, and making California’s capital city the first to reach and exceed the state goal of having 20% of energy use come from renewable sources.

As the region’s leader in sustainable growth, Cohn has the tools to create new jobs, get cops back on the streets. As a past educator and Fulbright scholar, the Yale graduate also holds education to high standards.

Cohn campaigned for local school bonds and developed a partnership between local school districts to give at-risk youth the option of after school programs.

Cohn’s independent-minded problem solving and commitment to voters over parties gets results for those he represents. This is why he is the Independent Voter PAC's choice for Assembly District 7.

I vote for people over parties