Independent Voters To Decide Assembly District 44

The fasting growing political party in California is actually no political party at all, with the number of total independent voters in California reaching 3.8 million in May. 

In Ventura County's Assembly District 44, over 20% of voters chose not to affiliate with a major political party, creating a challenge for City Councilmember Jacqui Irwin (D) and Pastor Rob McCoy (R) as they fight for control of the seat. 

"Both candidates in Assembly District 44 have talked about crossing party lines in order to reach all voters in the district, not just those who share their party affiliation.

This is a direct result of the nonpartisan, top-two open primary, which has made all candidates in California accountable to all voters as early on as the primary election...

...Empowered by the state’s new election system, [unaffiliated voters] had a direct impact on the primary election results. Vying for the support of independent voters will be critical in both candidates’ campaign strategies."

Read the full article on IVN.

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