Mercury News: Kansen Chu is the Better Choice

The Mercury News Editorial staff recently released an endorsement of Councilman Kansen Chu for Assembly District 25.

"His politics are a better match for District 25, and he is the better choice.” 

While Chu is a registered Democrat, he has proven to put the needs of his constituents before those of his party. Mercury News writes: 

"He led the campaign for San Jose's plastic bag ban, the strongest in the country at the time, even though it was unpopular with many consumers and at first evoked little enthusiasm on the council. He rooted for the statewide ban, even when some fellow Democrats seemed to be caving to a last-minute lobbying blitz.”  

Read the full endorsement here.

Image Source: San Jose Councilman Kansen Chu, 2010. (Mercury News)

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