Non-Party Voters To Decide Senate District 6

Since the 2010 passage of the nonpartisan top-two primary system in California, districts across the state have seen a shift in the way candidates get elected.

Under this new system, first implemented in 2012, all candidates, regardless of party affiliation, appear on a single ballot. The top two vote-getters then advance to the general election. 

In Sacramento's Senate District 6, a district with over 50% Democratic voters, it's no surprise that two Democrats emerged from the district's 2014 primary election: Roger Dickinson and Richard Pan.

In order to win in the general election, however, each candidate will have to appeal to non-party voters, who now account for over one-fifth of the voting population in the district.

When asked how his campaign has reached out to voters outside his party, Richard Pan responded:

“Since my election in 2010, I reached across party lines in the Assembly to bring people together and solve problems in the community. Our current outreach efforts include contacting constituents outside of the Democratic Party, including those with no party affiliation. With the support of nonpartisan voters, I can bring to the State Senate a perspective that combines people’s real-world concerns with science-based approaches to address the issues that we face together as Californians.”

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