Steve Glazer Reaches Outside His Party for Support in SD07

In a heated East Bay race, four Democratic candidates will compete in a special election to represent Senate District 7, held on March 17, 2015.

The competing candidates are Orinda Mayor Steve Glazer, former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, and Terry Kremin, a Democrat who has never held office before. 

The East Bay seat is being vacated by Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, who won a congressional seat in November, and encompasses Tri-Valley and most of Central and East Contra Costa.

While 44 percent of registered voters in the district are Democrats, Republicans and No Party Preference voters make up the majority of votes - with a combined 50.58 percent of registered voters. 

Thus, candidates will need to appeal to voters outside their political party in order to advance from the crowded primary.

One candidate - Steve Glazer - has already differentiated himself from the pack, describing himself as a “fiscal conservative.” This title has earned him the endorsement of Michaela Hertle, the only Republican who entered the race. Hertle recently dropped out, but urges her supporters to vote for Glazer in March: 

"Mr. Glazer has proven that he can work with Republicans and Democrats alike to find common sense solutions to our state’s needs. Like me, he is a fiscal conservative. He supports pension reform and school reform. He is not beholden to labor or other special interests, as seen by his opposition to BART strikes.” 

Glazer is not afraid to speak out against party interests or the partisanship that prevents problem solving in Sacramento. 

“The Democratic Party is controlled by some very powerful interests,” said Glazer at a recent UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies panel. “There is an attitude by party interests that if you’re a Democrat from the Bay Area, you must be a “supersized liberal,” or else you’re a traitor to the cause.” 

He has again declined to participate in the Democratic Party's endorsement process, as he did when he ran for the Assembly in 2014.

Voices around the community and in the state of California are joining the Independent Voter PAC in supporting Steve Glazer.

"We back Glazer because we agree with him on more issues, and he offers thoughtful centrist positions generally lacking in the Legislature,” the Contra Costa Times wrote in their endorsement of Glazer. 


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