Steve Glazer a Symbol of Change in CA Politics

Steve Glazer, Orinda mayor and previous Jerry Brown advisor, may be running as a Democrat in the race for Senate District 7, but his positions are far from what you would expect from an establishment Democratic candidate.

He continually stands up to the public employee unions and made headlines with his opposition to BART employee strikes and continually. In California, it's no secret that the unions hold great power over Democrats, leading most Democratic politicians beholden to their policy advice (and their money).

Elected or not, Glazer represents a new brand of politician - one beholden to the people, not political parties or special interests. 

Fox & Hounds' Editor Joel Fox writes:

"Glazer victory could produce change that allows the majority Democrats to address some of the state’s pressing problems. As former state treasurer, Democrat Bill Lockyer, told a legislative hearing a few years ago, 'It’s impossible for this legislature to reform the pension system and if we don’t we bankrupt the state. And I don’t think anybody can do it here because of who elected you.'

Lockyer was clearly referring to the public unions. A Glazer win would change the atmosphere under the Capitol dome." 

Read the full story here.

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