Will Calif. Independent Voters Outnumber Republicans by 2024?

The number of California voters choosing not to affiliate with one of the two major political parties is at an all-time high, with 23 percent of the electorate declaring No Party Preference. This represents a rapid growth:

During the past 16 years, voters who decline to state a party preference have doubled, from 12.7 percent in 1998 to 23.3 percent in 2014.

- Public Policy Institute of California, 2014

Given the nation's current political climate, this should come as no surprise. Political gridlock routinely stands in the way of substantive change, an obstacle that resulted in the federal government shutting down in 2013. The government shutdown is just one example of when partisan loyalty has trumped meaningful policymaking.

Is it any wonder that voters across the nation, including California, are frustrated?

“Some of them are people who left the party, or new voters who don’t see a reason to belong to a party,” said Mark Baldassare, president of the Public Policy Institute of California. They are “distrustful not only of government, but of institutions," he adds. 

If trends continue, IVN.us reports that independent voters could outnumber Republicans by 2024. 




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